Rent Bouncy Castles in Melbourne

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Jumping N Slide

When looking to hire a jumping castle why not have one that includes a slide? It is another avenue of fun for the birthday girl or boy and the party guests. Our Jumping N Slide jumping castles for hire in Melbourne are mainly dry slides, and will entertain the kids all day, keeping them happy safe, and laughing!

Great Range of Jumping Castles

There is a vast range of jumping castle hire options available. This bouncy castle and slide inflatable combos give children variety and the choices can include Disney characters, the Avengers, princesses, Dora, Star Wars, Fairies and many more!

Hours of Fun

Children get so excited when there is going to be a Jumping N Slide jumping castle at their party, their friend’s party, or at any event that they are going to! The delight of bouncing, running and sliding in a safe, fun environment, with other children to play with has them shrieking with laughter and joy!Kids will mostly not stop jumping and sliding until they are completely worn out from playing!

Adults get some time to relax – if they are not jumping and sliding as well!

Jumping Castle Hire is a Great Option for Many Events

Whether indoors or outdoors, jumping castle hire is a terrific source of fun and entertainment at parties, sporting events, fairs and fetes, family gatherings, park events and much more.


As quality Jumping N Slide is  inflatable and covered on all sides, you have peace of mind knowing that your children will not be hurt if they run and fall over!

Organising a Jumping N Slide jumping castle will give the kids a delightful, fun and unforgettable experience. Jumping castle hire in Melbourne is an absolute hit at any party or family event that involves children. For more information on jumping castle hire in Melbourne contact us on 1300 305 547 today!

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