Common Mistakes People Make When Looking to Hire a Bouncy Castle

When looking to hire a bouncy castle, we find that there are some common errors made. Knowing what to look for can save you time, money and stress! Having expert experience in jumping castle hire in Melbourne, here are some of the mistakes that we have found people often make when hiring a bouncy castle:

· Choosing Price Over Quality

Cheapest is not always best. When you are organizing jumping castle hire in Melbourne you want to be sure that you get a well maintained, well stored, clean and safe bouncy castle. Transporting the jumping castle, setting up and dismantling it, cleaning, OH&S, insurance, customer service and range of a wide range of products are all part of running a jumping castle entertainment business.The cheapest suppliers may be skimping on items that ensure your day runs smoothly. For a fun day ensure that everything is covered and do not just choose on price!

· Not Adhering to Safety Guidelines

The staff responsible for jumping castle hire need to be able to adhere to safety requirements of bouncy castles in any weather, surface type, installation technique and more.

· Not Reading Feedback or Getting Recommendations

When you organize jumping castle hire in Melbourne ensure that you receive written feedback, references or word of mouth recommendations. If a company does not have ideal feedback there is usually a reason for this! At AA Jumping Castle our suppliers and associates all have a solid reputation when it comes to fun, safety and great service!

· Choosing an Inappropriate Size or Type of Jumping Castle

Choosing a jumping castle for its size only can be a big mistake! Consider the area that you are installing the jumping castle on, your child’s favorite theme, and the number of children using the bouncy castle. Sometimes a small or medium jumping castle can be a better option than a larger bouncy castle.

At AA Jumping Castle our suppliers provide quality jumping castle products that are renowned for their maintenance, safety and cleanliness. You have peace of mind knowing that the equipment is reliable and safe and that the kids will have the most amazing fun!

Before you organize jumping castle hire, take the above points into consideration! With this background information, your jumping castle hire will be a huge success!


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